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Johnson & Johnson to Acquire Animas, maker of Insulin Pumps, for $518 million


16 December 2005

Johnson & Johnson to Acquire Animas, maker of Insulin Pumps, for $518 million

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) had already owned over 8% of Animas, and is said to have been in discussion with Animas for months due to their desire to further define their niche in the diabetes market, and more specifically gear up to compete with future market developments such as Medtronic's Guardian® RT Continuous Glucose Monitoring System as well as the high-tech implant future that doctors and scientists say is coming.

Currently, Animas Corporation designs, develops, and markets the following:

External insulin pumps (principally in the United States.)
Diabetes Management software for patients and their healthcare team
GlucoWatch a noninvasive continuous glucose monitor, worn on the patient’s wrist, which provides blood glucose readings every twenty minutes
Diabetes Pump supplies (disposable cartridges and infusion sets, pump batteries, various clothing supplies, etc.
In Development
Next generation insulin pumps and other pieces of new technology for the pump such as their micro-pump, micro-needles, microwatch, and long-term implantable continuous glucose sensor.

Johnson and Johnson develops, and markets 100's of over-the-counter medicines, diagnostic equipment, medicines and food products. This includes the entire range of Lifescan products for diabetes, as well as Splenda Brand Sweetner and Benecol -- both of which are marketed heavily towards the diabetic/pre-diabetic or insulin-resistant market in the United States and here in the UK too. This is likely to make Animas a real player in the global diabetes focused market with the strength of J&J's strategic know-how and world-wide marketing and sales force.

My opinion about Animas is neutral since, as a European resident, I have had very little exposure to the product. Would love to hear any insight about Animas. Also, what are the pros and the cons of an American Fortune-500 taking over a piece of diagnostic equipment for people with diabetes (insulin dependent). Could it spell over-usage or equal better care for millions of people who will be more successful with a pump then without.


Blogger Megan said...

I sorta saw this one coming. All the meter companies seem to be pairing up with pump companies, (accu-chek, disetronic; minimed, bd; deltec, abbott) and the animas 1250 comes with an Ultrasmart meter if I am correct.

5:38 AM  

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