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Welcome to Diabetes 24/7


07 December 2005

Welcome to Diabetes 24/7

Diabetes 24/7 will reflect the notion that somewhere in the world – every hour of everyday – there is something newsworthy about diabetes: a new healthcare programme, a lasting transplant, a new drug, a successful study …as well as failures and provoking stories like this one!

The range of topics will cover:

Doctor and patient news and views
Diabetes Reports and statistics, such as world diabetes populations by country!
Science and pharmaceutical developments

Replacing one conceptual world view with another
In general, there is a negative world view about diabetes. Perhaps the key lies in its definition – a chronic complication vs. a serious illness. This eludes me! I am unsure as to whether it is perpetuated by patients, doctors or the media. People with diabetes have a great responsibility towards this – especially those of us in the western world. It is time to look at the real issues surrounding diabetes. It is time to educate populations. It is time for discussions about better care in places like New Delhi, Beijing, Nairobi, London and Rome! Diabetes is often perceived as a self-imposed disability for people who aren’t disciplined. Quite simply, diabetes is a chronic disease caused by little or no production of insulin which kills millions annually. It chooses no favorites – it can strike a poor child in Africa, the wife of an American Icon, or or an impoverished grandmother in Pakistan. And yes, there are two types of diabetes–Type 1’s and Type 2’s–and for me this is only important for the patient and the healthcare specialist to concentrate on together. Essentially, the differences in type are slight as the outcomes are often the same.

Diabetes 24/7 is also a dual concept in name. For all of you with diabetes reading today, you know more astutely than anyone how diabetes truly is 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. Perhaps, with better knowledge and global education and acceptance, we can change that.


Blogger David said...

Elizabeth, welcome to the D.O.C.! The Diabetes Online Community is growing every day and it's always wonderful to hear a new voice. Good luck with the blogging!


4:46 PM  

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