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What Does Diabetes Look Like?


18 December 2005

What Does Diabetes Look Like?

This seems to be a reasonable question. I used the internet to better understand how the world sees diabetes. I used three very simple values:

1. Googled “diabetes looks like….”
2. Googled “I see diabetes…” or “ seeing diabetes”
3. Googled (in images) “people with diabetes”

This is what I found…

First “What does/do diabetes/diabetics look like”, was picked up on a teen Australian chat-room for young people with diabetes called Reality Check. The conversation went like this:
"I have had, when explaining my T1 when asked about my health: "But you don't have bad diabetes like 'so & so' has - she has to wear some machine thing on her tummy to give her insulin? I explained it was one and the same but I choose to inject, not pump. The response was: "Oh, I thought you had the other better type of diabetes." Better? Many people have been puzzled when they find out I have diabetes, I have had on quite a few occasions "but you dont look like a diabetic"!!! Sigh!
For "seeing diabetes", I found the following exact excerpts:
"We're seeing diabetes diagnosed much earlier in life than ever before,"
"We are seeing diabetes patients in their 40's having heart attack"
"seeing diabetes as “no big deal."
"If you're used to seeing diabetes as an enemy that complicates your already-too-complex life"
"Seeing diabetes cured"

Lastly, on people with diabetes in Google images, I found the following:

What do you think diabetes looks like? What do you see?


Blogger Kassie said...

I love this! Whe I used to work at diabetes camp, we did an exercise with the kids (along with a social worker) where they drew a picture of a "diabetes Wild Thing" after we read "Where the Wild Things Are". It was interesting to see what they came up with, and how much they got out of putting down on paper what this 'creature' looked like.

Fun to think about it again!

10:29 PM  
Blogger Kerri. said...

I'm going to have to try my hand at drawing the "Diabetes Wild Thing." I'm imagining something pretty damn furry ...

4:46 PM  

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