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Finding your Diabetes Team...


17 January 2006

Finding your Diabetes Team...

I have begun to use “D” now to refer to my diabetes. I learned this sometime ago from all my fellow diabetes bloggers. Saying "D" or "d" (depending on how the day is going!) is so much easier. There is something ethereal and fun about it.

But lately, I have been thinking about all the unseen challenges associated with diabetes. This morning, I had a low (hypoglycaemia) on the way to taking my daughter to school. I was still feeling shaky after I deposited my little one, and quickly tried to exit. A few other "Mums" and Dads stopped me – all commented on how tired I looked. I could have just told them I was feeling a bit wobbly. I didn’t.

I had a serious presentation to make the other day. At 3 am the night before, I woke up in a pool of sweat, and knew what I needed. I ran to the kitchen in the darkness reminding myself that if I just used 20 minutes that my body/mind would hardly know that I had sleep interruptness! I woke up a little puffy eyed with a high BG (hyperglycaemia: abnormally high blood glucose level, beyond the normal range (roughly 70 to 150 mg/100 ml of plasma). The presentation went fine… but would it have gone better? Did people recognize that I was a bit craggy?

I joined the UK Pumpers Group. It is fantastic. We met at a Wine Bar near Hanover Square called the Chopper Lump . At one point, everyone had their pumps on the table, comparing gadgetry and ooing and ahhing. It was an incredible image. (I should have taken a photo…)

I walked out of the Chopper Lump that night feeling great about my future and diabetes. It is a very powerful feeling to know that there are others in the life raft with you.

Gotta run now…I have another presentation tomorrow.


Blogger Megan said...

Whenever I take an exam, I always wonder if I could have done better if my bs had been more normal that day.

9:47 PM  
Blogger Keith said...

I hate those 3 am hypos. I always wonder how long I layed there in a fitful/unrestful sleep before I finally awoke. Most of the time I'm tired the next day.

I keep a small container of Starburst jellybeans by my bed just for those midnight hypoglycemic events. If I stay upstairs and eat my alloted 12 jelly beans I'll awake with a bG in the neighborhood of 110-115. If I lose control and go downstairs to the kitchen you might as well let the grazing begin. My morning bG will most assuredly be 250 or worse... further compounding the problem.

1:34 AM  

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