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Calling on the United Nations for a Diabetes Resolution


27 March 2006

Calling on the United Nations for a Diabetes Resolution

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) is leading a worldwide campaign by the global diabetes community to have the United Nations and its member countries recognise the global burden of diabetes by adopting a UN Resolution on diabetes. Currently, the UN Millenium Development goals are the United Nation's primary focus, and rightly so. But diabetes is a problem in developing nations, much more of a problem then previously thought. I believe that the UN will rely on World Health to drive the issue. However, it is honourable that diabetes organizations across the globe are calling for the consideration of such a resolution.

IDF's press/web page states:
IDF has assembled a global coalition of interested parties to promote the Resolution. Momentum is picking up speed with support for the initiative coming from IDF industry partners and member associations, as well as community, consumer, professional and philanthropic organisations from around the world. These include the European Society for the Study of Diabetes (EASD), the American Diabetes Association (ADA), the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), Rotary International and Lions Clubs International. The aim is for the UN Resolution to be declared on World Diabetes Day 2007 (November 14). The IDF-led campaign and the encouraging response received so far has the potential to change the face of diabetes and help bring this life-threatening condition out of the shadows.
What I find particularly useful is the IDF's eAtlas where current global diabetes data and forecasts can be found.

Tomorrow is American Diabetes Alert Day(28 March 2006) an outreach campaign to find the undiagnosed - a significant problem around the world. World Diabetes Day is 14 November 2006. I wonder what we can do to help make the UN resolution to recognize the global burden of diabetes a reality for 2007. More next time.


Blogger dberan said...

I am thankful that Elizabeth posted this important development for the diabetes community on her excellent blog!

As a community (people with diabetes, carers, people active in organisations in the diabetes field, etc.) we need to get behind this important initiative and give it our full support. This resolution will hopefully help people with diabetes around the world get the care they need and also place diabetes on the international health agenda.

We must not forget the importance of such an initiative for everyone involved with diabetes, but especially for those people who face different challenges accessing diabetes care. This ties in to the theme for this year's World Diabetes Day (14 November) is diabetes in the disadvantaged and vulnerable and the slogan is "Diabetes care for everyone".

Project Coordinator International Insulin Foundation

12:51 PM  
Blogger CANICA said...

Nice article, I write as much as I can of diabets in My blog, and I follow your blog too, my father has diabetes, and I started to take care of my health a year ago, I discovered many things and I put all in my blog ,

Greetings from Peru

8:41 PM  

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