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Pink Floyd Founder `Syd' Barrett Dies of Diabetes


11 July 2006

Pink Floyd Founder `Syd' Barrett Dies of Diabetes

...the brilliant, erratic catalyst for Floyd's early success, "died peacefully at home" last Friday at 60, according to his brother. The musician had been in ill health for years, battling type 2 diabetes, as well as stomach ulcers.
A singer and guitarist, and originally the band's principal songwriter, Barrett masterminded Pink Floyd's breakthrough album, Pipers at the Gates of Dawn, before being sidelined in the late 1960s by LSD-induced behavioral problems.

After battling years of drug addiction and mental illness, diabetes took his life in the end.


Anonymous Tony said...

I remember hearing about Syd and having Diabetes..but see it affects everyone around us :-(
I'm type 2 for 2 years and still struggle to get my levels right !

8:21 PM  

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