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GO TYPE I Diabetes Team!


22 June 2009

GO TYPE I Diabetes Team!

The race is over 3000 miles, and the cyclists move through 14 states and climb more than 100,000 feet. Teams average 350 to over 500 miles per day. The race is 24/7 until you reach the finish line. This year it began in Oceanside, CA and racers will finish in Annapolis, MD.
One of the teams is an all TYPE 1 diabetes team (TTI). The New York Times wrote a story about TT1 in their "Health" section on Saturday, 20th June--the day of the race. TT1 won first in 2007 and second in 2008. They are hoping to regain their title this year. RAAM is an International Race LONGER than the Tour de France. Many of the TT1 members hope to enter the TdF and do for diabetes what Lance Armstrong did for cancer.

New York Times Article
TT1 AND TT2 Blogs (there is a Type 2 team too)
Race Across America Website (RAAM)


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